Translating & interpreting


Unsure whether you need a professional translator or an interpreter?

The answer depends on whether you need to communicate in written or spoken form: the translator works with texts, while the interpreter works with the spoken word.


Are you looking for a French-speaking translator who offers translation and localization services from English and German into French for websites, general texts and technical content? Or for a liaison interpreter in Berlin who can facilitate communication between a French-speaker and an English or German Here is an overview of what I have to offer as a French-Canadian translator and interpreter:

Translation services

For written communication

General and technical translation in the following directions:

  • German to French
  • English to French

Translation with search engine optimization (SEO) in the following directions:

  • German to French
  • English to French

Interpretation services

For oral communication

Liaison interpreting in the following directions:

  • German to French, and French to German
  • English to French, and English to French

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in the following directions:

  • German to French, and French to German
  • English to French

Localization services

Get texts that really speak to your target audience

Linguistic and cultural adaptation of various types of texts for French-speaking countries, particularly for Canada and Quebec

Keyword research

Attract the right traffic to your website

Preparation of keyword lists (in French) for SEO purposes

What sets my linguistic combination apart?

Having grown up in Quebec and then studied and worked in Europe, I have an excellent command of both Quebec French (or “Montreal French ”) and standard French. My background gives me a good understanding of cultural references, usage and perception of Anglicisms and the particular position of French in North America.
I am also very comfortable with Canadian and American English. As such, I am in the perfect position to offer English to Quebec French translations  or English to standard French translations. Finally, my bachelor’s degree in German Studies, my master’s degree in Conference Interpreting and the last ten years living in Germany have allowed me to perfect my German. Thanks to my academic background and hobbies I have also become familiar with the Rhenish dialect spoken in Saarland and several Austrian cooking terms.


I am proficient with the following CAT tools

  • Across
  • MemoQ
  • Omega T
  • Smartcat
  • Trados
  • Transit
  • Wordfast

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